Wilton Level One Course-3rd Lesson and a Crabby Cupcake Part 2

Wow! It’s been awhile since writing the last post so much has happened since Memorial Day weekend! Picking up from my last post, I set out to make cupcakes with a traced on design and other with piped icing as shown in the third lesson. The best part was mixing the icing, small amount of the decoration gel goes a long way!

Buttercream frosting before adding the gel color icing.
Buttercream frosting before adding the gel color icing.
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Wilton Level One Course-3rd Lesson and a Crabby Cupcake Part 1

For the third lesson we had to come prepared with cupcakes and buttercream icing. Cupcakes were made using Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Red Velvet cake mix – pause for judgements. I know, I know, my cake wasn’t made from scratch, shame on me! I am a working girl a la Melanie Griffith and making cupcakes at 10:00 PM isn’t exactly relaxing. The cake mix saved time! Continue reading

Week two, Wilton decorating class

Think I am starting to cut down the time on cake baking. Had to make a nine inch cake for my second wilton cake decorating class. I went from an hour and a half to 45 mins. Not exactly training for a marathon but I like knowing I am becoming more confident baker.

At the second wilton cake decorating class, we learned about the right icing consistency, piping leaves and shells, and transferring designs from wax paper on the cakes. The best part was transferring designs. I come from a family of artists and never acquired the family talent. Knowing I can simply trace designs on a cake is a relief. Continue reading

Coconut Cake

Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day cake recipe, coconut cake with coconut buttercream icing and a lime curd filling, was the winner! I searched through numerous websites and selected the cake and filling recipes with the best reviews. My younger sister is allergic to dairy, so ingredient substitutions are needed. Vegetable shortening had no indications of the top ten allergens, butter is always replaced with Earth Balance butter sticks, and butter milk is substituted using a recipe found on godairyfree.org. Ingredients for the cake, icing, and filling are as follows: Continue reading

First Cake Decorating Class

Took one of four Wilton Cake Decorating level one classes. Definitely gave me the foundation and confidence to start decorating. This weekend is Mother’s Day. My family is hosting a luncheon for my uncle who came to the states to visit from Peru. I wanted to make a coconut cake, but with my first lesson under my belt, I feel the challenge to decorate a cake instead. Maybe I can search for a coconut buttercream frosting? What about the actual cake? I am thinking a two layer nine inch round cake with strawberry filling in the middle? We did go over how to slice the cake in two, add the filling, and icing.