One Week Till Party: Seven Day Countdown!

The day is almost here! Time flies when planning and anticipating! If you have followed Martha’s Party Planning Guide, you’re in great shape! And for those that have procrastinate till the last week, there’s hope you can still throw a fun bash! Here are the last seven days broken down: Continue reading


Planning a Party: Martha’s Checklist

Hosting a Sangria party in a couple weeks! My guest count is around 15-18 guests.

Planning for family and friends can be stressful, but keeping a list and prepping ahead of time will bring you a peace of mind. Staying organized is key to enjoying your party and being a great host!

This checklist is for a small scaled event such as a house warming or dinner party. The great Martha Stewart has created a Party-Planning Checklist which I will walk you through. Also check out the additional posts where I go into more details. Continue reading