Two Weeks Till Party: Gathering and Organizing

By now you should have your food and drink list ready. Start taking out the dishes and glasses to be used for the party and lay them out on the dinning room table.You don’t want to be surprised the night before, if you pull out a dish platter and find out it has a crack or you’re short four wine glasses.

If guests have offered, communicate with your guest and family about who is bringing what dishes.

When at the grocery store between now and next week, start buying the non-perishable items off your food list. Never wait till the last minute to buy everything or you’ll spend the whole day driving around stores picking up numerous items.

If you did hire a caterer in advance, don’t shy away from asking them questions, now is the time. Also, have a food delivery and setup plan ready. When they arrive you know where to direct them and setup the food.


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