One Week Till Party: Seven Day Countdown!

The day is almost here! Time flies when planning and anticipating! If you have followed Martha’s Party Planning Guide, you’re in great shape! And for those that have procrastinate till the last week, there’s hope you can still throw a fun bash! Here are the last seven days broken down:

Seven Days till Party

  • Clean out your fridge make room for the food prep and drinks
  • Clean/clear out your space
  • Depending on how your space is setup, plan where guests can place their coats/purses
  • If kids are coming, again have an area where they can play or know where parents can have a diaper changing area
  • Plan out a tasks for everyone helping setup
  • Call guests that have not RSVP’d

Five Days till Party

  • Start planning what dishes you can make ahead, buy last minute party/food items
  • Decide what type of music you want to play (2-3 hrs of music is good-there’s always a guest who insists on being the DJ)
  • Have a station where people can charge their cell phones
  • Print out your wireless internet code (yes, I get this all the time when family and friends come over wanting to streamline on our TV)

Three Days till Party

  • Start clear space on your kitchen counters. You’ll be surprised how people love to congregate in the kitchen!

One Day till Party

  • Buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Prep all the fruits and vegetables by washing and cutting them to place them on platters
  • Start assembling food trays and if you decided to trying a new recipe, start earlier in the day than later (if the recipe bombs-you still have time to recover)
  • Buy ICE and setup coolers or ice buckets

Day of the Party

  • Lay out linens, chairs, and utensils
  • Setup where guests can discard trash, beer bottles, cups etc

Hour Before the Party

  • Take out and open chilled wine bottles for guest and place in coolers/ice buckets
  • Place food trays in the serving area

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