Three weeks till party: Food Prep

Now that your menu has been finalized, the actual plan of preparing the food should be thought out.

What can you make ahead and freeze?
What can be made/prepped the day before?
How long does the main course need to prepare/cook?

My slow cooker pulled pork will take about 10 1/2 hours to make before it can be served. That means that porky better be set on low in the slow cooker no later than 11pm the night before the Sangria Party.

As for my other menu items, I will bake and decorate my cheesecake and cupcakes the night before. The buttercream frosting to the desserts can be made two days ahead. My dips will also be made the day before. The sangria will be prepared he day before as well.

While I would love to make the dips the day of, knowing the start time on the invite is at 12:00, I don’t want to be left scrambling around last minute and would rather be putting the finishing touches on decorations or setting up my table.

The three week mark, as mentioned before is also when you want to test out new recipes. If you don’t like cooking, but want to impress your guest, test the recipe. You may be surprised how long it takes to cook or prepare a dish. Then you might rethink a caterer.


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