Wilton Level One Course-3rd Lesson and a Crabby Cupcake Part 1

For the third lesson we had to come prepared with cupcakes and buttercream icing. Cupcakes were made using Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Red Velvet cake mix – pause for judgements. I know, I know, my cake wasn’t made from scratch, shame on me! I am a working girl a la Melanie Griffith and making cupcakes at 10:00 PM isn’t exactly relaxing. The cake mix saved time!

The cupcakes went in the oven and the Crisco went to work on the buttercream icing. Running out of vanilla extract, the only option was coconut extract. But before making that final decision, vodka was used in the icing. After adding the vodka, the icing have much flavor. Not wanting to make icing at the equivalent of jello-shots, I resorted back to the coconut extract.


Checking on the red velvet cupcakes, they started to look like cocoons or alien babies in the oven. Might’ve over filled the cupcake pans a tad.


The third lesson we learned how to pipe out the “famous cupcake swirl!”. Using a 10in. featherweight decorating bag and a 1M tip, I piped out the vodka coconut buttercream frosting on the red velvet cupcakes. Back at work, I sat thinking how to use the techniques learned the last three classes on the cupcakes I wanted to make for memorial day. Stay tuned!


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